Kabul Municipality (KM)

Component 3: COVID Relief Effort for Afghan Communities and Households Kabul: Household Support in Kabul Municipality ($80 million).

Provision of relief support in the forms of food and hygiene products and/or cash transfer to selected households in Kabul. This will support approximately 630,000 households (approximately 80 percent of total households) in Kabul Municipality (KM). Following the same modality and exclusion criteria as Component 2, it is expected that nearly 20 percent of affluent households will be excluded from the coverage, as Kabul has higher proportion of better-off households. A relief package worth a total of AFN 8000 (approx. US$100 equivalent) will be distributed to each eligible household in two tranches.

 Each tranche will be AFN 4000 (approximately US$50 equivalent) per household. 

The contents of relief packages and tranche distribution timings will be the same as Component 2.

KM Progress

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Households Received Relief Packages

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Fund transferred to Kabul Communities Bank Accounts
Communities Profiled & Received Awareness
Communities completed their list of beneficiaries

Estimated Target Households to Receive Relief Packages