A total of 63,984 food packages were distributed to the needy households through the Relief Efforts for Afghan Communities and Households/Dastarkhan Mili program of Citizens’ Charter

A total of 63,984 food packages were distributed to households in 300 CDCs of Kandahar province. Each of the relief package worth AFN 4,000 were provided by the program. These packages included 44 kg of flour, 10 kg of rice, 10 kg of oil, 6 to 9 kg of beans or peas and 12 bars of soap.

As required, the Citizens’ Charter program established 300 Community Development Councils (CDCs) in the 9th district of Kandahar city and then, through these CDCs, a total of 63,984 households received relief packages in the mentioned communities. In the meantime, program staff is planning to deliver remaining 5,428 food packages to the eligible households in these communities in the upcoming few days.

In addition, the program has started surveying of households and establishment of Gozar Assemblies (GAs) in districts 6, 5, 13 and 15 of Kandahar city which are yet not covered by urban Citizens’ Charter program so that the relief packages could cover the poor and eligible households.   

It is worth mentioning that the Relief Efforts for Afghan Communities and Households program is implemented in two tranches. In tranche one, every eligible household will receive a relief package worth of 4000 AFN and in tranche two, each eligible household will receive 4000 AFN or a food package equivalent to 4000 AFN.

At the end, members of the CDCs and residents of communities has expressed their satisfaction for starting Dastarkhan Mili program. They appreciated  the government for implementing the program, that distributes food packages to poor and very poor households. During interviews, in addition to such programs, communities ask for more job opportunities, so they can sustain their lives with it.   

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