The Dastarkhwan-e-Meli Program Started in 31 Provinces

A meeting, chaired by H.E Muhammad Ashraf Ghani the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, conducted in the presidential palace about the launch of Dastarkhwan-e-Meli Program across the country.    

The MRRD, Kabul Municipality and IDLG officials briefed the President on the progress so far made in terms of Dastarkhwan-e-Meli Program’s implementation in the meeting attended by H.E Amrullah Salih the First Voice President and a number of high-ranking state officials. They affirmed that the program started officially in 31 provinces of the country.

In addition to appreciating the World Bank for the provision of gratuitous aid, the President insisted that the implementation of Dastarkhwan-e-Meli Program should be accelerated in an attempt to cover the various categories of deserving families taking the second wave of the Coronavirus into consideration.

The President said: “The analysis of COVID-19 pandemic second wave aiming at providing vulnerable people with aid urgently has delayed the implementation of Dastarkhwan-e-Meli Program.”

The President reiterated that the Dastarkhwan-e-Meli Program’s implementation scheduling system should be changed from sequential to parallel form in order to distribute the relief packages to needy and deserving families immediately.

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